Exchange/Return Policy

Swadeshi Online Store - we make sure that each and every product should reach the buyer in the perfect condition. Each and every product goes through multi-tier quality checking by our professional quality checkers team. Different aspects of each item including, packing, date, condition, authenticity and other vital details are checked thoroughly before dispatching an order. Likewise the company ensures that each product must reach the buyer in a perfect condition. However, there are thin chances that the buyer might want to return our products. Here is the detailed return policy:

  • In case of receiving damaged product, the same should be communicated immediately. If such information is communicated to us after 24 hours, the company has full right to dismiss the same.
  • The buyers are strictly advised not to open the products if it reaches the buyer in a tempered packaging or the seal is found to be broken. In case of non-compliance the buyer shall not be eligible to claim any returns
  • The process of taking an ideal action in case of any complaint requires certain time. Depending upon the individual nature of the complaint the company shall communicate the expected time required for the process. The complainants are requested to maintain the required patience so that the company should review the complaint and decide the best way to assist the complainant.
  • The buyers are advised to communicate any discrepancy or damage through email communication clearly stating the date of receiving, Order Number, nature of damage and other vital information that will enable us to promptly assist the buyer with best solutions.
  • Upon receiving the complaint, the company shall first review the same and confirm the genuineness. The company would go through a thorough product inspection to ensure that the buyers' genuine rights are safeguarded.
  • Through its course of reviewing the company shall contact the buyer for further information using one or more of several communication methods including email, phone, fax or text messages. Hereby, the buyer allows the company to communicate with him or her if the need arises.
  • The buyers are requested to properly coordinate during the review process to ensure that the company can offer the best assistance
  • The subjected product should be returned by the buyer through the company's authorized courier services. Hence the buyers are requested to consult with the company before dispatching the product to be returned. The company shall not be responsible for any damage arising out of the non compliance of the same.
  • After receiving the complaint the company shall carry out an unbiased inspection to review the authenticity and genuineness of the complaint. In case the complain is found to be false or unauthentic the company has the full right to dismiss the same or challenge it using ideal legal methods
  • In case the complaint is found to be authentic or legitimate by the company it would either exchange the product or return the price of the product. However, the company is not liable for returning back the shipment costs
  • During oral or written communication regarding the complaint the customers are requested to maintain the dignity of languages. Use of abusive or objectionable language will invite legal actions against the complainant.

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